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Documents by Emily Waite (10 total)

Title Author Date
I want to get away from such "meaness" Emily Waite October 02, 1940
My psychic mind still works Emily Waite October 06, 1940
“It is just picknicking” Emily Waite January 06, 1941
About that "lost inheritance" Emily Waite August 05, 1941
Eleanor's refusal to face "the facts of life" Emily Waite December 29, 1943
I've never stopped loving her Emily Waite April 22, 1944
Why I have lost all "my good looks" Emily Waite August 08, 1944
"HOW much he looks like George..." Emily Waite March 28, 1945
Photo You gave all his smoked herring away to Stevie Emily Waite October 15, 1947
Emily Waite, Descendant of Ravenna Pioneers, Dies at 76 Emily Waite June 03, 1953