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Documents by Harry White (23 total)

Title Author Date
Got up this morning in mother's place Harry White January 28, 1934
Hat off to your ambition Harry White November 23, 1938
I voted this time for the first, out of P'K Harry White November 03, 1942
We are in the last stages of the work Harry White November 18, 1942
Arrival of your first born son Harry White September 25, 1944
Jobs that put wander lust notions in your head Harry White October 01, 1944
Burned out down in Pemberton Harry White April 15, 1945
I sure felt deflated Harry White April 28, 1945
Helping erect some of these pre-fabs Harry White April 13, 1947
Uncle Sam needs to get along on less Harry White July 01, 1947
I want to know about Stevie's operation Harry White August 21, 1947
I am confident Dewey will be our next president Harry White October 28, 1948
Laid off Harry White January 04, 1949
Due for a shake up in our business Harry White January 09, 1954
She was on the verge of a stroke Harry White July 19, 1960
Wells made Captain!! Harry White August 29, 1960
All I have been able to think of is snow Harry White January 23, 1961
Had the time of our lives all together Harry White June 18, 1961
Van Wert is enriched by you folks Harry White April 25, 1963
Must tell you about my tire experience Harry White November 05, 1963
Everybody is going to call me a Softy Harry White December 15, 1964
Coax the lilacs out for me Harry White April 28, 1965
Don't join up with any demonstration Harry White July 06, 1965