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Documents by Hilda King (30 total)

Title Author Date
Set the oven on fire Hilda King January 28, 1911
Boys are so foolish Hilda King February 02, 1911
Photo I can make lots of new dishes now Hilda King April 05, 1911
His sermon got under your ribs Hilda King October 18, 1911
Photo "Don't you accuse me of cheating." Hilda King October 27, 1911
Photo So what care I? Hilda King November 10, 1911
"Now you can have a new party dress." Hilda King January 12, 1913
Grandpa is not well at all Hilda King February 01, 1914
I am a full fledged graduate Hilda King May 31, 1914
What are we to do who haven't any such thing (a brain) Hilda King October 20, 1914
He is teasing Auntie to "beat the band." Hilda King December 28, 1914
I've decided that I'm an aristocrat Hilda King October 28, 1917
Men are dreadful Hilda King March 18, 1918
I have proved through experience that prayer is not effective Hilda King April 06, 1918
Two weeks from Thursday I graduate Hilda King May 05, 1918
Glen is wonderful Hilda King May 30, 1918
Photo Engagement Announced Hilda King June 02, 1918
The whistles and siren began to blow Hilda King November 10, 1918
Might not be a bad idea to plan to do something to keep my mind alive too Hilda King November 17, 1918
We call the baby Robert Virginia Hilda King April 06, 1920
I know what "gladder" days lie ahead Hilda King August 12, 1920
As usual I've come in a circle Hilda King May 14, 1948
Photo My cast comes off on Monday Hilda King May 15, 1966
Joyce's children are a joy Hilda King August 16, 1967
Photo One thing we didn't find here is "leisure." Hilda King May 30, 1975