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Documents by Ralph Powers (18 total)

Title Author Date
Played Ping Pong for the first time Ralph Powers January 23, 1904
Boys have caught fourteen muskrats Ralph Powers March 15, 1904
I was invited to take a trip up the Great Lakes Ralph Powers July 10, 1904
Then watch the rats fly from our barn Ralph Powers January 19, 1907
Plenty to eat and wear so why worry Ralph Powers December 08, 1917
Photo Glad my folks can spend Xmas with you Ralph Powers December 15, 1917
Photo 16 mile hike last Monday Ralph Powers February 09, 1918
Hope the Little Stranger Ralph Powers April 04, 1918
Photo Crazy to get over there Ralph Powers April 20, 1918
Only communication by way of dog sledge Ralph Powers November 17, 1918
Photo Absense surely makes us fonder all the time Ralph Powers January 04, 1919
Photo He died two months after the Armistice had been signed. Ralph Powers January 21, 1919
Extraordinary heroism Ralph Powers January 21, 1919
Lt. never knew what fear was Ralph Powers February 08, 1919
Buried in one of the most beautiful pine forests Ralph Powers October 10, 1929
Now clear that somebody blundered Ralph Powers November 26, 1929
Russian Woman Hid Ralph Power's Grave Ralph Powers November 29, 1929
Funeral eleven years later Ralph Powers December 01, 1929