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Documents by Ruth Bainton (67 total)

Title Author Date
Photo Ruth has been a little blessing to me this year Ruth Bainton May 17, 1902
Photo See if I could make any criticism. (Isn't that mean?) Ruth Bainton November 15, 1917
Photo I must take issue with you on certain points Ruth Bainton March 17, 1918
Well, Roland, will we have to agree to disagree? Ruth Bainton April 07, 1918
Photo I am planning on H.S. work for next year Ruth Bainton May 22, 1918
Photo Ruth receives the nutcracker present!!! Ruth Bainton January 11, 1920
Photo Do emphasize the joy Ruth Bainton February 14, 1920
I couldn't possibly give you an answer Ruth Bainton April 12, 1920
Photo You have never had any personal, physical attraction for me Ruth Bainton April 29, 1920
Rufus on the spot Ruth Bainton May 31, 1920
Let's have a good time together, without talking of the future Ruth Bainton June 04, 1920
"So calm down," laddie man, dear Ruth Bainton June 27, 1920
If I can not expect to be your peer in your sphere Ruth Bainton June 29, 1920
Our folks have a way of liking to show us off Ruth Bainton July 01, 1920
Fourth of July - I surrender my independence Ruth Bainton July 04, 1920
Letter from my sweetheart in India, and from my lover in Connecticut Ruth Bainton October 25, 1920
Photo I felt the first thrills of ..... Ruth Bainton October 27, 1920
My own cloud had lifted too Ruth Bainton April 18, 1921
Photo It seems like a very broken household Ruth Bainton May 30, 1921
At Aunt Sally's Ruth Bainton July 05, 1926
Aunt Sally is a marvel to me Ruth Bainton August 05, 1926
Until the New Haven mosquitoes got me Ruth Bainton September 24, 1926
Enjoying Florence with Olive Blackham Ruth Bainton November 22, 1926
I frankly confess I'm weary, and feel any strain quickly Ruth Bainton June 05, 1936
Photo In that climate Ruth Bainton took action Ruth Bainton May 01, 1938