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Documents for Bainton family (784 total)

Title Author Date
Photo Mary's Autograph Book Charles Woodruff January 06, 1883
Photo Now feeling for the first time "responsibility." Charles M Bainton December 29, 1898
Photo This was done in an illegal way by Maggie Charles M Bainton May 19, 1899
Photo Ruth has been a little blessing to me this year Ruth Bainton May 17, 1902
Photo Call to Colfax letter James Herbert Bainton June 10, 1902
The only letter in Lottie's handwriting CharlotteBlackham Bainton July 03, 1904
Photo Knickerbocker Debaters in County Semi-Finals Roland H. Bainton February 10, 1908
Photo Lost your dear Mother Annie Blackham January 26, 1910
Photo Colfax High School Graduation Roland H. Bainton May 27, 1910
Photo 1910 high school graduation Roland H. Bainton May 27, 1910
Wish that I were twenty years younger Joseph Bainton June 07, 1910
Photo Have We a Phidias Among Us? Roland H. Bainton August 26, 1910
You are my hero Roland H. Bainton September 29, 1910
I believe you will be all right where you are James Herbert Bainton September 30, 1910
Your estimate of me is altogether too high James Herbert Bainton October 04, 1910
Give 'em the ax, the ax, the ax, Roland H. Bainton October 07, 1910
In health I am very much better Roland H. Bainton October 18, 1910
I'll go into the pond a dozen times before I''ll march around with a lot of hoodlums Roland H. Bainton October 20, 1910
Be a boy amongst boys James Herbert Bainton October 21, 1910
I want you to conserve your energies James Herbert Bainton October 25, 1910
First experience at preaching in the country Roland H. Bainton October 25, 1910
Don't be alarmed; it isn't scrofula Roland H. Bainton October 31, 1910
I haven't lowered my estimation of you a bit Roland H. Bainton December 08, 1910
I won my share of ribbons at the poultry show James Herbert Bainton January 12, 1911
I wish I didn't get so worked up over things Roland H. Bainton January 14, 1911