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Documents for White family (433 total)

Title Author Date
Photo Absent over four years, obtained 2300 bbls. William Whippy December 08, 1846
Photo Striking photographs depicting ice harvesting C.E.Greene January 27, 1906
Photo Spelman Ice House, Brady Lake, cont. C.E.Greene January 27, 1906
Photo Ice harvest continued C.E.Greene January 27, 1906
Photo Ice at Brady Lake cont. C.E.Greene January 27, 1906
Photo Report card Donald White June 04, 1924
Photo Ravenna HS Debate Team photo Eleanor White January 30, 1928
Work at Mr. Hoe's Donald White April 18, 1931
Going to use tuxedo to save $10 Donald White October 01, 1932
Next year I say she must change Donald White October 23, 1932
Congratulate me for not having a date Donald White November 12, 1932
My dates are short Donald White November 19, 1932
Have old suit of long underwear? Donald White November 26, 1932
She understood my name as Tom Donald White December 07, 1932
Strings of others here Donald White December 11, 1932
Will Rogers is here Donald White January 06, 1933
Dreamy mood Donald White January 14, 1933
Don't have to spend money to go on date Donald White January 18, 1933
Fun to be broke Donald White January 21, 1933
If I'm going to become a doctor... Donald White January 28, 1933
Gene and I took motorcycle all to pieces Donald White February 04, 1933
Great life if you don't weaken Donald White February 20, 1933
Came back muddy, tired, happy Donald White February 22, 1933
Photo She said something awfully nice Donald White February 25, 1933
I'm just dying to talk to you about my bible. Donald White March 06, 1933