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Title: 1960 diary first section
Author: Eleanor White
Date: January 01, 1960

1 January 1960 (Friday)  Arrived at Twin Lakes fom Poughkeepsie Wednesday night at 10, after leaving there at 11 AM. Parkway [Taconic State] was a winter wonderland, but emerging from the Holland Tunnel, we came into sunlight with dry roads. Didn't stop to eat at all, but finished off all the sandwiches instead.

We all stayed at home for New Year's Eve and worked a jigsaw puzzle; I finished it at 3 AM. Steve made pizza for us.

The David and George Greenes arrived at 6:30 for a pork and sauerkraut dinner. Cream puffs for dessert.

I'm writing greetings to about 30 I did not have time to do before Christmas.

Wrote to Don's Dad and Mother. Don's shirt I got him in Poughkeepsie had a rip in it.


2 January 1960 (Saturday)  Don and I arrived in Cleveland at 12:30 for two hours' shopping. I got a blue hat at Higbees, scarf, house coat at Mays, etc. He spent his time and money at Burrows.

Home at 4 o'clock; Joyce and Charles Dugan arrived at 5 for chicken dinner – sweet potatoes, lima beans, slaw with avocadoes, biscuits, pudd'n cake with peppermint stick ice cream.

They stayed until about 10:30. Joyce brought me a 15th Century Spanish manuscript from a church – probably Madrid – antiphonal on sheep skin, in vulgar Latin. They brought Mother & Dad a bunch of several heart roses – and me the London Times Sunday supplements. Their children – Connie, Sally, Skip – are 14, 13 7. Charles is president of school board, Joyce wishes she could teach later on.


3 January 1960 (Sunday)  Up at 8 because Frisky barked! Wrote notes all AM. Had left over chicken et al. For dinner. Packed up in a blizzard. Steve writing a special paper for Miss Lown on “Past Is Prologue.”

Left Twin Lakes at about 6; got home at 10. Called the folks to say we had dry roads most of the way.

Tom Poston a funny mystery guest on “What's My Line.” Lots of mail piled up. Diane Roth Perry took care of house.


4 January 1960 (Monday)  Back to school. Spent most of day telling class about Metropolitan Museum coins, etc.

Took apples and Jam over to Diane and Dick next door.

The Duvals – a very nice young couple – looked at the house tonight and seemed quite interested. They were here with Mr. Crooks for an hour. They may come back and bring their parents.

Nantucket paper came. The huge tides in the east hit there and flooded some of the streets in the harbor.

John Bell stopped to tell me he is back in choir.


5 January 1960 (Tuesday)  Women's Association Board meeting at 7 tonight. Long. Louise Flint and I worked until 10:40 on our group personnel afterward.

Our car is in the garage to see if it can be started.

Teachers meeting after school. Men voted to accept the $78.00 raise. Women voted against it. 20 to 6!!

Planned Vergil reading to end of semester. Will finish 1st book.


6 January 1960 (Wednesday)  First Women's Association meeting tonight. Salad, dessert. A well done program on what each chairman's duty is. An objection from the floor to the Women's Association giving up church nursery responsibilities.


7 January 1960 (Thursday)  On the phone to get other group of business set up. Louise Flint and I leaders. I will miss Joyce, but Louise will be good, too.


8 January 1960 (Friday)  Pep meeting today; unusual. But in spite of it, we lost a hard one to Shawnee, the first league game. (I missed a deaconess meeting to go!) No one was on tonight. Kenny McClain has lost some of his oomph.

Don won a heavenly butter chocolate cake; we took it and Leonards took theirs to Kirchenbauers. A real spread – salad, tongue, p. chips, ham, relishes, etc. Bennetts, Bagleys Birkams, Holtkamps also there.


9 January 1960 (Sunday)  Don and the boys hurried to Lima this AM for the orthodontist appointment. 

This PM, Don and Stuart packed and carried over to 676 all the boxes from the three upstairs closet.

Chili for supper; then we hurried to Defiance. Followed Bill and Lois to game and sat with them. Jack. M. has been out to see Bill; is discouraged about basketball. Bill told him to fight for it. He played over one half tonight. So did Tom Poling. This was his 16th birthday, so he got an old car.



10 January 1960 (Sunday)  To Sunday school. Margaret had a good lesson on orthodoxy. “A danger in being too orthodox.” Our church should consider that. Margaret is to be one of the session. She deserves that.

Worked most of p.m. Getting ready for Couples Club. Margaret and Regina McConahay went with us. Cliff and Ann drafted to the presidency, McNeills to vice president, and Flings to secretary-treasurer.

Mother called tonight. She still has her bad cough.

Lenore Kennedy did an excellent program on “Early Van Wert, Ohio.”


11 January 1960 (Monday)  Back to school. Steve worked over week-end on Tiberius report, “Scarlet Pimpernel,” and all 5 lessons. A stiff course!

Reading Greece – edited by Ogriz[??] - “World in Color” series. Read 85 lines of Vergil tonight.

Eddie Fisher on Jack Paar. Jack was most gauche. For the first time, I felt sorry for Eddie. Liz appeared - 

Almost warm enough to plant bulbs!!


12 January 1960 (Tuesday)  Keeping my Vergil class going at 30 lines a day – plus same reviewed. Jack and John came in this noon – to ask me if I knew Monty Stickels from Poughkeepsie. 

“When are you moving?

Wrote to Barbara and Jim, sent Wall street section of NY Times to Dad. Wrote letter for Mary Klein to members of Women's Association.

Mr. Crooks called; he thinks DuValls are still interested; haven't seen bank yet.

I believe we might like Windsor chairs with our cherry furniture in the dining room.


13 January 1960 (Wednesday)  Warm – 12 degrees above normal. 

More trouble over the McKeddie reservations for Annual dinner! The committee is not cooking for any extra! Hope somebody cancels tomorrow.

Honor study people peering into my room! Steve has only 1 study period a week, but was on A honor roll. He bowled today with Penny[?], Steve W, Mike, R. Miller. Made 159. Stuart last night did 160!!!

Showed frosh “Pliny's Doves” - told them about Elder and Younger.

Mike came over to get “any” biography for a review tomorrow. Chose finally “Lady With a Spear” because it was shortest.


14 January 1960 (Thursday)  Congregational meeting


15 January 1960 (Friday)  Wapakoneta – there.


[16 January – no entry] 17 January 1960 (Sunday)  Lecture?? Anthony Wayne -


18 January 1960 (Monday)  Group 7, here.


19 January 1960 (Tuesday)  AAUW – Mary Jarvis


20 January 1960 (Wednesday)  Classic Literture


21 January 1960 (Thursday)  One night home – all week!


22 January 1960 (Friday)  Beat St. Mary's 56 -54 at very last moment – a basket by Cochran.


23 January 1960 (Saturday)  Stayed home


24 January 1960 (Sunday)  C. Harrington


25 January 1960 (Monday)  Deaconess Dinner. Exams


26 January 1960 (Tuesday)  Mrs. Leviness died at Blachly meeting tonight.


27 January 1960 (Wednesday)  Up till 2 nearly every night – partly Jack Paar, and partly work. Don drew 12 signs of zodiac for me tonight; we're going to do a horoscope for Latin Club – also calendar, etc.


[No further entries until]


15 March 1960 (Tuesday)  An awful backache today – came home and went right to bed. Missed Presbyter, when John Blake was to be inducted. 



16 March 1960 (Wednesday)  Missed Couples Club devotions tonight - Why must it be on Wednesday night??


17 March 1960 (Thursday)  Had to go home from school, first period. My hop seemed out of joint! This must be a virus for sure - attacking on all fronts!

Missed AAUW - television panel.


[18 March - no entry]


19 March 1960 (Saturday)  Snow drops are blooming below the back porch, but in the front yard are 16 inches of snow.


[20 March - no entry]


21 March 1960 (Monday)  Five sophomores - Wierwille, Gribler, Gamble, Gilliland, Snyder, stayed after school to work on translations with me tonight. They were quite talkative. Diane is leaving for Arizona.

Steve will probably take the biology test this year on scholarship team.

Doug and Jack have new shirts from Penney's with Greek key and "The Thinker" on.

Mother called tonight. They are having a bad blizzard, again.

(Tuesday) [apparently 21st and 22nd entries were mis-numbered, since the 22nd starts with "(Monday)"]


22 March 1960 [see note above]  Basketball banquet tonight, and then my church group.

Don Wolfe of "Toledo Blade Sports" spoke at banquet at Elks. Quite good.

The boys all got gold footballs - and they were surprised!

Sat opposite Beverly Taylor's mother and father.

[P?]isons entertained our group tonight. 14 there. We had a nice time. I was 40 minutes late.



23 March 1960 (Wednesday)  Assembly today.


25 March 1960 (Friday)  Chaperone dance tonight.


26 March 1960 (Saturday)  Meet Trudy.


27 March 1960 (Sunday)  Couples Club coffee hour.


29 March 1960 (Tuesday) To Ft. Wayne.


1 April 1960 (Friday)  Career Day.


[This is the final entry for 1960. EGW's diaries, as far as family holdings go, do not resume until 1966 but are more complete that year and thereafter. SMW]




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