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Title: Dreamy mood

From Donald White, 210 N. Professor St, Oberlin, Ohio

To his folks, Harry and Bertha White

Jan. 15, 1933

Author: Donald White
Date: January 14, 1933

Lately I’ve been in a very dreamy mood and this beautiful music only tends to accentuate my dreamy feeling. Lee, Bob and I were building beautiful pipe dreams before dinner. We want to have someone give us a small fortune. Then, we would buy cameras, camping equipment, lots of books, a radio, art materials, and a victrola with precious records just  as Lee and I have.

Then we would get an old car and hit for some place in the Rockies – back to nature. We would camp for a year in a few locations. We should spend our time reading hundreds of books – sketching, taking pictures, - oh yes, we’d have a piano too. For a year we would enrich ourselves in nature life, reading, rest, build up a marvelous physique.

Then we would like to travel all over the world for a year – more if possible. We would see the Taj Mahal by moonlight, take pictures and write of our travels.

Then we would feel we could do wonders to a college education. It’s too bad we can’t live slower.  Everything is rush, rush, and then where do you get?  It’s all a mad rush to make a living. Oh to live a larger, fuller life!  Already I have completed practically 1 ½ years of college. I wonder what my views on life will be at graduation? I expect I’ll regret what a meager smattering I shall have enjoyed e’en then.

Now along with this dreamy mood I have felt such a longing for some lovely, sweet Christian girl that I could love, one who would be interested in me and who might learn to love me some day. I have lots of friends but – I’m so much in love – and I have no one to love!! What a predicament!

I intend about Wed. p.m. after my German to work on my motorcycle. 
I’d like to have about $5.00 by the 25th if possible.  If not, O.K. I don’t think I’ll need the rest till Feb. 5th. Then I’ll need roughly $150 tuition,  $60 room.  If it’s cramping too much, $150 is all right. I can stall my room! 


The dollar you sent came at a very opportune time.  I needed a haircut and now I can buy some toothpaste and brush and some art paper.

Going back to the motorcycle, If I had about $3-5 I could fix it up O.K. It will need some attention and that’s the best time to give it – after exams, mid-semester. I’ve been tempted to take it out both week-ends – it’s been glorious weather, but I have squelched the desire.

Do you know if something should ever change my course in vocation I think my second choice would be landscape planning and an architectural side of art.

I heard the dean of the Harvard Divinity School Wednesday. He talked on ‘Why He Was a Protestant.’ He was fine. One of his points was that Protestantism was unlike other religions, in that it gave one a chance for individual spirituality. This was of course not the only thing, but it rather appealed to me. 

Oberlin won in basketball last night in a peach of a game.

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