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Recent additions (15)

Title Author Date
New Dad is going to close the Kent store Gladys Greene June 13, 1932
New Lina has been a wonderful wife Alliston Greene February 15, 1941
New Aren't going to work for Goodrich Co. anymore Eleanor White May 10, 1935
New "GREENE old age" and partial retirement C.E.Greene May 01, 1952
New Family's typed bio C.E.Greene June 05, 1968
New Dick and France got more than twenty muskrats Gladys Greene December 02, 1935
New Lecture no. 1 -See if you can't see more good than bad Gladys Greene January 13, 1936
New This house will be the ruin of us yet I'm afraid Gladys Greene October 01, 1935
New We should be very proud of Eleanor C.E.Greene January 30, 1932
New I miss Alliston every step of the way Lorinda Greene November 10, 1948
New Dad's salary from Goodrich is to be cut 2/3 during July and August Gladys Greene June 19, 1932
New The Kent store closes Saturday night for good Gladys Greene June 20, 1932
New "Monopoly" which is a new game they are playing Gladys Greene November 28, 1935
New I'm trying to get a job with the "Weyenberg Shoe Co" C.E.Greene May 08, 1935
New It is done to prevent a run on any bank Gladys Greene October 25, 1931